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‘As  I am visiting Ethiopia many years for several months, I am always in touch with the Enrichment Center for the Disadvantaged (ECD) and its founder Mr. Sahilu Baye, I got firsthand experience how ECD is running the support for schools, and orphanages and individuals. From the background of the deep poverty of this country and also the financial resources of ECD are limited, it is always amazing to see how this organization never gives up its support and always works at the limit. I have seen how much happy children can be made only by receiving small gifts like school materials, t-shirts, how nice Mr. Sahilu Baye associates with the children and I also see them shining with gratitude. The big difference from ECD to other organizations is surely its long-time duration of individual first-hand support, which sometimes goes even for decades. This way assures the real change of lives of disadvantaged people as the most important time in the view of their future is their childhood. My advice for The Enrichment Center for the Disadvantaged (ECD) is to verify the people’s background before supporting them and to have a continuously successful work for the future. This center should get international sponsors to even increase its support as it really deserves it.’


Peter Schaffrinski

Athletes Representative

Detmold, Germany

18th July 2017



I mate Mr. Sahilu Baye in 2005 when I was the president of Addis Galicia: Ascociacion Pro Dereitos Da Infancia, an International NGO from Spain. I had the privilege to work with Sahilu for many years implementing various projects in Ethiopia providing support for orphan & vulnerable children and economically disadvantaged women. I always admire Sahilu’s deep interest to learn new skills in child development and make himself professionally fit person. My friend Sahilu is solid, reliable, hardworking and competent professional with high working moral and well integrated personality. He goes smoothly with his colleagues and performs his duties with absolute vigor and vitality to achieve sound results.



Javier Gutierrez

Spanish Economist

Former President for Addis Galicia:

Asociacion Pro Dereitos Da Infancia

"I am delighted to write with the strongest support for the important work done in ECD, headed by Mr. Sahilu Baye. Sahilu is a graduate of our International MA Program in Child Development, of which he was an active and important member. Sahilu brings to his work in ECD not only a big heart and the deepest commitment to help young orphaned children who have experienced the most traumatic circumstances. He also brings the most up to date, scientifically based knowledge in child development and particularly regarding the importance of early social and emotional development for the growth and prospering of children. This is all the more true with regards to children who have experienced adversity early on. The attachment these children forge with their caregivers are important to their development not less than clean water and a healthy diet, and in many ways even more than these basic physical needs. Sahilu has reorganized his work according to the principles derived from the most updated research, and I am sure that together with his team he provides the best care possible in ECD, and can be an inspiration for others working with children in need."


Professor David Oppenheim



“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”