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     A few years ago, during a short mission in Addis Ababa, at that time as Director of the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre (MCTC) in Haifa, Israel, I had the privilege of visiting The Enrichment Center for the Disadvantaged which had been founded by Mr. Sahilu Baye, whom I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing for more than 20 years. This visit to a place which gives so much hope to the needed community is still very vivid in my memory.

     I must point out that during my long career as a practitioner in the field of socio-economic development; I have rarely seen such a devoted professional as Sahilu Baye, a person who totally dedicates his life to the cause of orphaned and vulnerable children as well as to the well-being of young disadvantaged women in Ethiopia.

     Despite obvious difficulties, Sahilu Baye never gives up. He continues to manage the ECD with devotion, love and empathy, providing support to the people in need, with all his heart and spirit, being a model for his staff and colleagues, and a "father" for all the orphans. 

     His efficiency and passion impressed me deeply and the programs and projects he has developed, such as psycho-social care training of child givers, capacity-building for the poorest elementary schools in his area, vocational training to disadvantaged women, preventive training related to the dangers of illegal trafficking of children and young women, can be cited truly as models of social entrepreneurship.

     It is indeed hard to imagine the life of the children outside the shelter he provides, which is a real home for them, where they can have a decent life as human beings. 

     With my appreciation and admiration for the work undertaken by Sahilu Baye and his team, I wish them long life and success in all their ongoing endeavors for the benefit of the needy people in Ethiopia, whom they continue to serve and care for, with much  dignity and devotion.


Mrs. Mazal Renford

Former Director, MCTC Haifa, Israel


“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”